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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Invest in Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Let’s face it. Paying to keep your business’ parking lot swept is probably a low priority on your annual budget. But think of this expense as an investment in the future.

When dirt, debris, trash, broken glass and loose gravel collect on your parking lot surface, traffic continues to drive over it, driving it further into the pavement and also causing damage to the sealant and coating. Over time this causes erosion. Once potholes develop, it’s time for costly re-paving. A simple overlay can run over $1.50 per square foot in New Jersey. The life of your parking lot can be extended by routine trash pickup and sweeping provided by Complete Care Maintenance. For an affordable monthly fee, our parking lot cleaning team comes through in off hours and cleans all debris from your lot leaving it ready for customer traffic the next day.

In addition, a clear parking area will alleviate safety issues and environmental hazards that could lead to injury and law suit. Oily spills and broken glass cause falls and trash is unsightly. Your customers or tenants will feel more satisfied and safer in a clean parking area and may think twice about patronizing a business that is poorly maintained. Enhance the overall look of your business or property with clean curb appeal.

Keeping your entryway clean will be much easier if the parking lot is clean. Customers, tenants and clients will track debris in from the parking lot on their shoes. Sticky gum, spilled drinks and engine fluids will end up ground into your carpets. Parking lot sweeping services help alleviate this problem.

They will even provide porter services and make sure all the trashcans are emptied and relined on a predetermined schedule. They will also make sure that any miscellaneous debris is removed from shrub beds and along all curb lines.

Saving money by skipping parking lot maintenance will cost you more money in the future. Extra carpet cleaning, loss of customers, law suits and numerous repaving sessions will dip into your profits. Complete Care Maintenance can keep your business in top shape inside and out.


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