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Monday, 28 September 2015

The Best Office Cleaning Services in New Jersey

The essential goal in establishing the use of sustainable products and procedures is to ensure the health of all staff, vendors and countless visitors in any facility. In addition, it ensures that the resources are used efficiently and effectively to eliminate the negative impacts on the environment.

Protecting the ecosystem, reduction of solid waste, decrease of green house gases, improvement of air and water quality and conservation of the natural resources are among the most important goals of Complete Care and Maintenance South Plainfield Cleaning Services.

The company is at the forefront in helping office management reduce costs, provide healthy working environments, improve asset values and profits, and also improve the productivity and satisfaction of the employees.

A clean office means a good and lasting first impression to your visitors. To create an orderly and friendly space where people feel invited, you must ensure consistent cleanliness. Clean environments feel hospitable and have a great impact on the company reputation. To achieve a good first impression, hire a professional cleaning company.

Medical cleaning and maintenance has specific requirements and demands due to the fact that it deals with the health of the patients. It is therefore very important to hire a company that understands the requirements to take care of the Medical Office Cleaning Services needs. The health and safety regulations of the facility should be followed to the letter. The quality of the service delivered must be to the satisfaction of your employees and patients.

Complete Care Maintenance delivers the best service with the quality, integrity and discretion that you demand.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Putting Together a Checklist before Hiring Cleaning Services NJ

If you are looking to hire a cleaningservices NJ, you need to have a clue as to what services you are hiring for. This may mean putting together a cleaning checklist for your office.  This will help the cleaning service know exactly what it is you are looking for and what it needs to deliver on.  You can also ensure that this list is part of the contract that you sign. Here are some things to take into consideration:

Lobby/Reception/Common Areas

  • ·         Daily dusting and sanitizing
  • ·         Vacuuming
  • ·         Carpets and runners should be steam cleaned on a regular basis
  • ·         Hard surface flooring should be dust mopped, wet mopped on a regular schedule
  • ·         Empty the trash daily
  •   Window cleaning should be performed as part of the overall building cleaning services program.
  • ·         The cleaning crew should dust ceiling vents and corners for cobwebs regularly
  • ·         Cleaning and sanitizing door handles and light switches


  • Depending on usage, cleaning should usually be done at least once a day.
  • ·         Attention should be paid to the urinals, floors, basins and toilet bowls
  • ·         Replace all paper products and hand towels
  • ·         Light switches, hand driers and mirrors should be cleaned daily
  • ·         Empty the trash
  • ·         Refill air fresheners.

Kitchen / Break Room

  • ·         Sanitize all surfaces with special attention to sinks, food preparation areas and cooking surfaces
  • ·         Empty the trash daily
  • ·         Clean chairs and tables
  • ·         Clean out refrigerator (weekly)
  • Office Area
  • ·         Dusting and vacuuming daily
  • ·         Empty trash
  • ·         Spot clean windows as needed