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Friday, 31 March 2017

Corporate Cleaning Company - What to Look For

Across the US, there are many corporate cleaning services that promise the world when it comes to cleaning your offices. With this in mind, how should you know who to hire? In truth, this is a critical decision because the wrong move will leave you with the wrong company either paying too much or not seeing the desired results. Here are some of the basics that need to be part of the decision making process.

Staffing and Equipment - When you hire a corporate cleaning service, there are two key factors that depend on each other for success - equipment and staff. Without either one of these two factors, the whole operation falls apart so both aspects need to be addressed very seriously. Staff needs to be experienced and trained to a high level. They need to background checked to help ensure the right characters are welcomed into the business. After this, we also work with the latest technology so the best cleaning results are seen time and time again. Whether it is general office cleaning, floor polishing, stripping and waxing, or window cleaning services, we believe Complete Care Maintenance can help!

Customer Service - Next, you need to be happy with the customer service of your corporate cleaning service. Ultimately, there are numerous ways to do this but a great start is to look at a company history. Make sure they are an established company with capable management; You can talk to local businesses and get an honest opinion about their services and overall reputation. With Complete Care Maintenance, you get a janitorial service that has experience and sees the customer as the main priority. And you won’t get a computer when you call us. We personally answer your call. Whenever you have an issue or a simple question, just pick up the phone or send an email and we will be happy to help!

Competitive - At this point, we should mention a critical mistake that many people make when shopping for a building cleaning service - going for the cheapest option. Instead of looking towards the cheap and inexperienced section of the market, we recommend a slight mindset change because you need a company that will offer value for money. With a cheap service, you pay less money but you also receive a service that will need to cut corners to cover the shortfall. This can occur with poor products, customer service andinferior cleaning techniques.We promise to provide a hard-working workforce, paired with the right products and skills, at an affordable price point.

Flexibility - Finally, you also need a company who will adapt to your needs because every single business is different. In your office or workplace, you are likely to have some unique needs so the cleaning company you choose should be flexible and the service they provide should be customizable. Complete Care Maintenance will always work with our clients and provide them with the services they require. Rather than choosing from a ‘template with some services that you will not need we can fully customize your corporate needsand budget to what


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