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Monday, 19 June 2017

Cleaning a Medical Office - 3 Steps for Success

When it comes to medical cleaning services, the stakes are raised significantly compared to normal office cleaning because there is a new element of safety. Regardless of how many employees you have, all businesses must be compliant with HIPPA rules. Here are  three basic steps you can use to ensure your compliance and success this year! 
Declutter - First and foremost, we always recommend decluttering before you start any task related to healthcare cleaning because objects like paperwork and files will only harbor dust and germs. In addition to this, it looks messy to visitors so having the area looking clean is an important start. For the visitors, they need to trust that their loved ones are in good hands and this isn't going to happen with lunch boxes all over the place and rips in the chairs.

Correct Cleaning Products –  is quite important that the ingredients are safe to use while performing medical cleaning services. Very few products will remove all germs and you want to make sure that they will not leave behind toxins that may be dangerous for patients, staff, or visitors who have respiratory or allergy issues. 

Clean Background -  it’s important that criminal background and drug testing is performed on all applicants of the healthcare cleaning company. These people will most likely have access to patient records, medication and general contents of a physician’s office. The other issue that crops up is a Hepatitis vaccination depending if any surgical areas are cleaned. 

If you’re currently looking through medical cleaning services, you should know that Complete Care Maintenance is a superb way to go because all our staff are trained, bonded and background checked. They must complete a ‘Right-to-Know’ course as well as various other pieces of training from MRI cleaning to dealing with an x-ray room. As a janitorial service, we follow the necessary steps to meet and even exceed your needs.
 In addition to this, we also use products that are environmentally-friendly and the techniques we have developed keep all staff members and visitors safe and healthy.  All things considered, safety is important for us and we know just how different medical office cleaning is to maintain a regular office. Therefore, all employees must work with gloves and they never come in contact with red medical waste liners or sharps containers. With so many Medical Office Cleaning Services available today, one needs to take a cautionary approach when hiring them. A simple office cleaning service will not understand all the regulations and strict guidelines of a medical office. Having a safe and healthy practice is what is important so dig deep into the company’s background and success rates to make sure they meet your standards. After all, your patients and staffs health and safety is on the line, so getting the best Medical Office Cleaning Services is a key to running a successful and healthy practice.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Business Cleaning Services and it’s Advantages

Taking care of your business location is not something that you can forgo if you value your business. While you could get your staff do to the cleaning, it takes time away from their work. Having, a work environment that is organized and clean makes a positive impact on your staff and your clients.  This is why business cleaning services are important, however, there is some information that you should know about business cleaning services.

Consistent Results

Staff and/or warehouse personnel could do the cleaning of the office, but it takes time away from their other work, and they are not going to do the best job. It can also cause some serious resentment towards the employer. If the employer is not happy with the cleaning being performed by a specific individual, who otherwise is performing their “regular” job very well it becomes a very sensitive topic for the employer to complain about cleaning issues to this particular individual. If this cleaning deficiency is allowed to carry on for an extended period of time friction between staff will boil over! It is usually at this point in time that the company will begin the search for an established and reputable business cleaning service. Cleaning a home and cleaning a business location are two very different activities. Using professional business cleaning services keeps your business looking neat and tidy each and every day, depending on the frequency you decide on. This is especially true for restrooms, as public restrooms are a special challenge for the cleanliness of any business. Restrooms in any type of facility require attention to detail, even the smallest ones, which is what business cleaning service professionals are trained to see and clean accordingly.

Healthy Staff – Reduced Absenteeism

Public places like most offices and business are the perfect place for viruses and other bacteria to survive and grow. When bacteria and viruses are present, there is a high chance that your staff is going to get sick. Sick staff causes your business’s productivity to plummet. While there is no way to completely remove the risk of becoming ill from bacteria or viruses, business cleaning services remove most of the bacteria and viruses by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and objects.

Customer Impression

A business should have an atmosphere that engages and impresses the staff and customers. After all, what customers want makes a business a success or a failure. This means that you need to build a strong, loyal base of customers. Having a clean business location is important, as customers make judgments within a few seconds of walking into a place of business. The appearance of a business can be what many customers base their whole opinion on, and this opinion is hard to change once it is created. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Using business cleaning services makes sure that your business is clean and tidy, all the time. A clean business is more welcoming, which makes customers more comfortable working with your business.

Your business should be clean at all times since it helps keep everyone healthy while maintaining a great corporate image as well. When you decide to use commercial cleaning services for your business, you should hire a professional and reputable company that offers business cleaning services. After all, if you want your business to be a success, it will absolutely need to be clean.