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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Are Your Business’ Floors as Clean as They Should Be?

Complete Care Maintenance provides more than just dusting, cleaning restrooms and a quick vacuum like some other cleaning companies. With over 55 years of experience and professional equipment and tools, we do a thorough deep clean. We provide janitorial services, clean offices, windows and even expert floor polishing. A clean business is healthy and safe for employees and provides that clean, organized first impression for customers. A floor that is dull, stained or dirty in the corners gives the impression that your business quality of services will reflect the same.

According to industry sources, slip and fallson unclean floors are the most common cause of major injuries at work. Floors collect water from outside rain or spills from employees. Oils and dust also make the floor slippery. You might not always notice spills or dirt until someone falls. Legal actions from injury can be instigated from customers as well as employees. Insurance doesn’t always cover all expenses and the liability could break your business. A quick wipe with the paper towel or mop up doesn’t always completely dry the floor or pick up all the oily strains. Complete Care Maintenance offers specialized service with professional equipment for floor stripping waxing, sealing and polishing.

     Besides accidents, dirty floors harbor germs. You may have heard stories on the news about tile floors testing positive for staph infections but we often don’t think about germs our own floors. We walk outside in all sorts of dirt and then enter the building and walk on our own floors. Crumbs and poorly cleaned liquids disintegrate causing molds and toxins. Using straight bleach on the floors is harmful to the floor material and also the air your employees breathe. Where carpeting is concerned, dirt, allergens, and crumbs can become embedded into the fibers and provide a nesting place for toxins and bugs. Allergies and toxins produced by dirty carpet can cause sick days and poor work production. Poorly cleaned liquid spills can enter the carpet pad and even the floor underneath causing wood rot. A routine deep-cleaning of carpets and flooring can prevent all these problems. Complete Care Maintenance uses only use the finest equipment, polishes, floor pads and certified chemicals in the industry. Far better than a mop and  bucket, our professionals will scrub & refinish any type of flooring surface.

Your floors are an investment. Replacing worn carpet or flooring can be an expensive undertaking. With properly maintained floors, you will not only increase the life of the flooring but also increase the property value of your building. Our highly trained and skilled professionals use the most advanced equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products to deep clean and maintaincorporate offices, pharmaceuticals, property management companies and warehouses. Our janitorial services include floor care such as carpet shampooing, floor waxing, tile and grout scrubbing and sealing to high speed buffing. At affordable prices, Complete Care Maintenance is the best investment for any commercial building in our New Jersey area.

Insured and Bonded Business Cleaning Services

If you are looking for superb business cleaning services in and around the areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, then you have come to the right place here at Complete Care Maintenance. Extremely experienced and skilled, Complete Care Maintenance offers business cleaning services geared towards providing their customers with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Very detail-oriented as well, leaving no stone unturned, the extensive list of cleaning services that Complete Care Maintenance provides include commercial cleaning services such as construction cleaning, office and building cleaning, floor cleaning, medical offices and facilities cleaning, and even pharma and biotech cleaning. In addition to commercial cleaning services, they also offer janitorial cleaning services which include floor stripping and polishing, warehouse cleaning, and window cleaning, as well as comprehensive cleaning services such as property management cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and wood floor polishing.

Consistently offering janitorial services that are unique to the needs of each customer that they work with, and with a focus on using sustainable cleaning supplies and materials, Complete Care Maintenance cares about the environment as well as the health of each of their clients and employees. They focus on using only environmentally-friendly products as well as personalizing each service specifically to each of their client’s needs. No matter what you need cleaned, polished, stripped, or waxed, or the extent of business cleaning services that you need executed, Complete Care Maintenance will be able to help you each and every time. Complete Care Maintenance also offers competitive and inexpensive price points for all of their cleaning services. With a focus on high-quality business cleaning services and providing the utmost in customer service, Complete Care Maintenance is a secure service that you can trust time and time again. For more information on all of the cleaning services Complete Care Maintenance offers, contact them today by calling 1-609-275-8227 or visiting their website at

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Discover the Advantages of Professional Medical Office Cleaning Services

Whether you are running a medical office, or want to rent out an office space for the health industry, cleanliness is one inescapable factor. Realtor cleaning services can help get your office space off the market faster and a professional cleaning service can contribute positively to a thriving medical practice.

Getting the Right Cleaning Partner

One of the advantages of professional cleaning is creating a healthy environment for both patients and staff. Cross contamination is a big factor in the medical field. However,  a good cleaner understands this, and is able to work to provide the cleanest possible environment.

Good medical office cleaning services also help to project a professional image. Such companies only focus on maintaining a clean office, and are able to dedicate time, effort and resources to keep your facility clean. This resonates well with the patients who are particular about the environment they are in.

A good cleaning service can also contribute to a profitable medical practice. Clean surroundings boosts employee morale and patients are more likely to refer their family and friends to a clean and healthy medical environment. Medical office cleaning services like Complete Care Maintenance offer medical office cleaning and an array of other essential services, which will always keep your profession clean and tidy.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

For Effective Commercial Cleaning Services, Choose a Seasoned Provider

If you want your commercial premises to shine, you definitely need to engage a reliable company for cleaning services. Warehouses, medical facilities, and offices are some of the areas in which cleaning services are most needed. However, for effective warehouse floor cleaning, you need a company that has industry leading and efficient equipment. Warehouses are a busy part of a company’s operation and usually the hub of its revenue. A warehouse is a busy place with a lot of activity going on simultaneously. Cleaning the warehouse and the flooring areas needs to be done by professionals that will not bang into boxes, pallets, conveyors, racks, forklifts and people!

The same traffic condition is evident in a medical facility or group practice which experiences heavy traffic from patients, staff, visitors and vendors, albeit in much different surroundings. These traffic areas, exam room, rehab and restrooms need thorough cleaning services delivered by experts. If you need medical office cleaning services, it is advisable to hire the best provider in the community and the most qualified in a field which is crowded with cleaning companies.

When you choose a provider for cleaning services, consider various factors, one of which is affordability. A cleaning company with affordable prices is likely to attract more customers than one with higher prices. However, affordable cleaning services should not compromise the quality of service.

That is why it is important to consider a combination of factors before you finally settle for a particular provider. Reliable service providers are also reputable and will possess expertise and experience. The professional cleaning companies are able to listen to clients and supply them with what they need at a schedule that benefits them. And make sure they are insured and bonded by a solid and well known insurance carrier with a AAA rating.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Corporate and Business Cleaning Services for business cleaning services? Are you a large company in need of corporate cleaning services? With hundreds of office cleaning companies available, it is hard to even know where to begin when searching for the right service. Complete Care Maintenance provides high quality office cleaning services at affordable and competitive rates since 2001.

 We are not affiliated with any national franchises but would be considered a smaller company among the national and regional janitorial contractor in the scheme of things. They do provide high quality general, specialized and floor cleaning services throughout the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. With a diligent, professional, and hardworking staff, Complete Care Maintenance can cater to all of your cleaning requirements from janitorial cleaning services, office cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, high speed buffing and carpet cleaning.. The bonded staff is very attentive to your needs and is incredibly detail oriented when cleaning. On the slim chance that they miss something, they will immediately perform the task or fix the mistake without complaint.

    Additionally, the company possesses a particularly remarkable dedication to sustainability that will not only help the community but your office specifically as well. They work towards using sustainable products while also establishing sustainable procedures within your office.

    One of the many janitorial and office cleaning services that Complete Care Maintenance offers is floor cleaning services. Gleaming hardwood floors and spotless carpets are welcoming and inviting to those who enter your offices, while stained and dirt coated flooring is an immediate red flag. The selection of floor cleaning services offered by Complete Care Maintenance is extensive ranging from carpet shampooing, wood floor polishing, tile and grout cleaning to warehouse floor cleaning. These services are provided with only the best floor care equipment and are handled by their trained and bonded staff. Additionally, the company can provide a set maintenance schedule to ensure your flooring surfaces, whether it is carpet, tile, or concrete or hardwood, will last and look great for as long as possible. Regardless of what floor cleaning services you are in need of, they can provide them at an affordable price and with the highest quality.

    Also, Complete Care Maintenance provides floor stripping and waxing. Flooring is a vital visual aspect of any office or building and it is pertinent that such aspects are handled by experts in the field. At Complete Care Maintenance, you can rest assured such quality and expertise will be provided. They not only help you through the process of stripping and waxing, but will devise an affordable maintenance plan combining the needed flooring services they provide to make sure your floors look great for a long time.

    Other cleaning companies just can’t compare to the great services that Complete Care Maintenance can provide. Make sure to call or schedule a free consultation on their website today.