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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Floor Cleaning Services: Benefits and its Importance

People enter a reception room or office and notice their immediate surroundings and the receptionist. After this, they notice the floors. A lobby or reception area floor is a very good indication of the overall standard the residing company expects, and in turn, delivers to its clients. Companies that realize the importance of a first impression are the ones that hire professional floor cleaning services. There is nothing as welcoming and assuring as a buffed floor or a debris and stain-free carpet. It speaks volumes about the place of business that you just entered.

Floor Cleaning Services are Crucial

A clean floor is a beautiful floor. Aside from this obvious reason for floor cleaning services, there are some other critical reasons for demanding clean floors. Removing any litter, stains, and dirt will reveal obstacles such as loose floorboards or cracked surfaces that might lead to slips or trips and result in injury. A wounded client or employee could involve a lot of costs to the company, not only financially through lawsuits, but also in loyalty towards the company. It is important to keep all floors dust and allergen free to prevent illness. Keeping a floor free of dust, salt and wet leaves will prevent scraping; scuffing and deterioration of your floor surface, making it last longer.

Accidents Do Happen

When hiring floor cleaning services, it is important to choose a company with a conscientious and professional cleaning staff. Most people can relate an occasion where they tripped or slipped on a wet, just-cleaned surface. Yet, with basic precautionary measures, these accidents needn’t take place. See if the floor cleaning services use a wet floor sign, warning employees and clients that the floor might be slippery. Depending on the location and traffic flow of the area being cleaned, the cleaning company will want to use fans or air movers to dry floors very quickly. This will prevent any potential slip and falls. Floor cleaning equipment should be stored in a designated area or janitorial supply closet where they don’t present a hazard to the staff or customers.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing

Maintaining floors and floor coverings can clearly improve the longevity of the floors. Having regular floor cleaning services to vacuum carpets is an excellent way to get rid of pollutants and allergens that are trapped in the carpet. When people walk over the carpet, these pollutants are repeatedly released back into the air. Floor cleaning services should also include shampooing carpets once in a while. Most carpet shampoos have active ingredients that eliminate any living bacteria in the carpet fibers. In areas with high humidity, the moisture can seep into unclean carpets to develop mold. With regular carpet cleaning, the mold will be removed before causing any damage.

Cleaning Hard Surface Floors

Hard surface floors are usually installed in high-traffic areas. Most hard surface floors like concrete and natural stone are designed for high traffic and will require mopping and/or scrubbing on a periodic basis.These hard surface floors should be sealed and treated often to retain their luster. For more information of floor care and the types of services involved click here.


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