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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Benefits of Wood Floor Polishing

There are a number of floor options available nowadays but hardwood flooring is usually the preferred flooring type because it is not reasonably easy to cleanthan other types of flooring and it provides a beautiful look to your home or any other type of establishment.Wood floor polishing is an excellent way to maintain the natural look of your wood floors. And it can help enhance the original look following the wood floor polishing service.

Benefits of Wood Floors

Although wood floors can cost more than other flooring options such ascarpeting, their maintenance and upkeep can be much easier and healthier. Another big advantage is that they can usually be easily refurnished after years of tough traffic. This service is usually done after the wood floors get dented, scraped, and scuffed they can be restored easily through sanding, refinishing or polishing. This smoothens and refurnishes it to its original shine or very close to it. That is why you rarely need to replace your wood floor.

Wood floor polishing

Polishing wood floors adds extra shine, beauty, and protection to them. It restores the natural finish of the floor and provides an beautiful satin finish to the entire floor. This service also provides a protective surface to the floor which helps prevent damage from the foot traffic that is always present.

1.    Good quality wood polish

When polishing your wooden floor makeabsolutely sure you use a good quality polish to get the floor to its original shine. Simply remove the rugs and all the furniture present, use a pre-treated dust mop to remove all debris from the floor, carefully mop the wood floor so the floor surface is spotlessand then spread a polish with the help of an applicator or a floor buffer.

2.    Applying the polish

Be sure to read all the instructions printed on the box of polish. When applying polish to the floor make sure to work in small portions so that the applicator does not get dry. Take extra care when smoothing out the polish that you’re working with the grain present in the wood.

If applying a liquid finish, you want to ensure a smooth and even polish and apply the polish in a side to side motion making sure you cover the entire area so that you do not have any missed areas of polish on your floor as you move from one section to the next.

Also, make sure that you do not trap yourself in a corner when you finish the polish of your floor. Depending on the temperature and humidity in the room that you are polishing you will want to allow the polish to dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour before walking on it and putting back all the furniture and rugs.
Hiring Professionals for Wood Floor Polishing

Even though wood floor polishing can be done by anyone with the correct materials and supplies, it is recommended to let a professional floor cleaning company to provide this service for the ultimate and guaranteed results. Make sure that the service provider is someone who has experience with wood floor polishing and can give you results that you’re looking for.

Complete Care Maintenance is an experienced and reliable company when it comes to wood floor polishing and many other cleaning services. Their wood floor polishing includes:

•    Move all existing furniture from the floor.
•    Remove all loose debris from the floor.
•    Perform a detailed sweep and dust mop.
•    Deep clean flooring, using a safe alkaline cleaner.
•    Hand clean and detail all floor corners and edges.
•    Carefully apply polish to wood floors.
•    Lowspeed buff all areas.
•    Detail buff all floor corners and edges.

The mentioned services also mean that you won’t have to do anything. All you need to do is hire Complete Care Maintenance and allow them to make your wooden floor as clean as possible.  


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