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Friday, 12 August 2016

The Best Way to Keep Floors Clean

Cleaning floors is a never-ending chore. Once you finish, someone has walked on it and it is dirty again. Are you a business owner with a broom and mop. Is there a better way? Entrust thisassignment to the professionals at Complete Care Maintenance. If you own a business, property or are a home owner in New Jersey or Bucks County, Pennsylvania, our trained technicians can keep those wood floors or carpets in great shape.

Floors need to be kept clean so that they will look their best. We remove stains, dirt, and litter with professional equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products to remove grit which scratch and wear down the surface. Sanitation is important in kitchens, restrooms and other public places. Clean floors provide optimum tractions to prevent accidents and falls. Carpet can collect germs, mold and allergens that cause respiratory distress in tenants and customers.

The professionals at Complete Care Maintenance in New Jersey do more than sweep and mop. We move all existing furniture from the floor and then do a detailed sweep and dust mop to remove all loose debris from the floor. Next we deep clean flooring, using a safe alkaline cleaner, hand cleaning and detailing all floor corners and edges. Environmentally friendly polish is then liberally applied to wood floors using a high speed buff.

Professional cleaning services will extend the life of your carpets.Stains and dirt sink down into the padding underneath to disintegrate the carpeting or flooring over time. Complete Care Maintenance uses ahigh PSI Cleaning and Extraction Process to ensure deep cleaning. Our trained technicians are experts in carpet Spot Removal as well as Carpet Deodorizing and Sanitizing. Economical and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are used along with Scotchgard™ to prevent future stains. We also do Upholstery Cleaning and Shampooing.

The best way to keep your floors clean if you live in New Jersey or Bucks County, Pennsylvania is to call Complete Care Maintenance. Let the professionals handle it.


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