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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services in New Jersey

The wood floors in your home can be one of the more costly investments you make towards your home, so you want to ensure that you keep them well maintained to extend their lifespan. There are a number of things that can cause damage to your wood floors and you can reduce the damage by protecting them with a professional floor sweeping and cleaning services company. Complete Care Maintenance provides exceptional floor sweeping and cleaning services to the NY and PA area to help you better maintain the look of your wood floors.

While you may take the time to quickly sweep your wood floors this is not an effective way to clean out the dirt and grime that can deeply penetrate your wood floors. Sweeping may clean up some of the surface dirt but in actuality, it just pushes a lot of it around. Most of the store bought wood floor cleaners can also leave your floors looking dull over time since it dries out the wooden surface and these types of products are not recommended to be used regularly on your wood floors. Hiring a professional and knowledgeable floor sweeping and cleaning services company, can ensure your floors are properly cleaned, polished and protected.

While many cleaning services will require you do all the lifting and moving, Complete Care Maintenance will assist you in moving the furniture form the floors that need to be cleaned. They not only provide you with the best quality of work when it comes to cleaning your hardwood floors they provide trust, helpful and experienced staff. Your floors will have a beautiful shine that makes them look brand new and the protection to help them maintain this shines for longer.

Complete Care Maintenance provides a wide array of wood floor cleaning and polishing services to residents in the NJ and PA areas. Once the trusted staff has moved the furniture out of the room for you they will begin the thorough cleaning process. They begin this by remove all the loose debris from the surface area and then a detailed floor sweeping and dust mopping. This ensures that all the loose dirt, dust and other are to see debris is properly removed from your wood floors. Next they will begin a deep cleaning using a highly effective and safe alkaline cleaner. The experienced staff knows that a great deal of dirt and grime can be stuck in the corners and edges of wood floors which is why they specifically hand clean these areas to remove this unsightly grime. Once all areas have been thoroughly and properly cleaned a generous amount of polish is applied to the wood floors. This not only helps protect the wood floors from scuffs and scratches but helps keep dirt and dust from penetrating into the wood fibers. A high speed and detailed buffing is performed to leave your wood floors with a beautiful natural looking shine.

You want your wood floors to last as long as possible and this can be better achieved with a professional floor cleaning and waxing service company. Complete Care Maintenance has the experience and trusted reputation to provide you with the best quality service available.


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