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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Are Your Business’ Floors as Clean as They Should Be?

Complete Care Maintenance provides more than just dusting, cleaning restrooms and a quick vacuum like some other cleaning companies. With over 55 years of experience and professional equipment and tools, we do a thorough deep clean. We provide janitorial services, clean offices, windows and even expert floor polishing. A clean business is healthy and safe for employees and provides that clean, organized first impression for customers. A floor that is dull, stained or dirty in the corners gives the impression that your business quality of services will reflect the same.

According to industry sources, slip and fallson unclean floors are the most common cause of major injuries at work. Floors collect water from outside rain or spills from employees. Oils and dust also make the floor slippery. You might not always notice spills or dirt until someone falls. Legal actions from injury can be instigated from customers as well as employees. Insurance doesn’t always cover all expenses and the liability could break your business. A quick wipe with the paper towel or mop up doesn’t always completely dry the floor or pick up all the oily strains. Complete Care Maintenance offers specialized service with professional equipment for floor stripping waxing, sealing and polishing.

     Besides accidents, dirty floors harbor germs. You may have heard stories on the news about tile floors testing positive for staph infections but we often don’t think about germs our own floors. We walk outside in all sorts of dirt and then enter the building and walk on our own floors. Crumbs and poorly cleaned liquids disintegrate causing molds and toxins. Using straight bleach on the floors is harmful to the floor material and also the air your employees breathe. Where carpeting is concerned, dirt, allergens, and crumbs can become embedded into the fibers and provide a nesting place for toxins and bugs. Allergies and toxins produced by dirty carpet can cause sick days and poor work production. Poorly cleaned liquid spills can enter the carpet pad and even the floor underneath causing wood rot. A routine deep-cleaning of carpets and flooring can prevent all these problems. Complete Care Maintenance uses only use the finest equipment, polishes, floor pads and certified chemicals in the industry. Far better than a mop and  bucket, our professionals will scrub & refinish any type of flooring surface.

Your floors are an investment. Replacing worn carpet or flooring can be an expensive undertaking. With properly maintained floors, you will not only increase the life of the flooring but also increase the property value of your building. Our highly trained and skilled professionals use the most advanced equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products to deep clean and maintaincorporate offices, pharmaceuticals, property management companies and warehouses. Our janitorial services include floor care such as carpet shampooing, floor waxing, tile and grout scrubbing and sealing to high speed buffing. At affordable prices, Complete Care Maintenance is the best investment for any commercial building in our New Jersey area.


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