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Sunday, 30 August 2015

What to consider when hiring janitorial services for your medical office

When it comes to health centers, it is not just enough to seek a cleaning agency that says it has the specialized package for your needs. The sensitive nature of the cleaning tasks in a doctor’s office demands both extra training and additional precautions to be taken by the staff the cleaning agency is providing for the job. First you have to ensure the cleaning personnel are well versed in various cleaning techniques and emergency procedures, especially if they are there after hours and in the office by themselves. They will also need to be trained regarding the cleaning and disinfection of the various surfaces.

The commercial cleaning company offering janitorial services will need to have regular ongoing training regarding Right-to-Know as well as MRI and X-ray room cleaning standards and procedures. Aside from these, the employees should be healthy and free from infectious diseases prior to coming into your facility. All employees should be vaccinated against Hepatitis C, especially when cleaning a surgical center. Where applicable, they should have been vaccinated from other various and potential diseases. The organization also needs to be fully insured and bonded to protect not only the client but themselves from any damages, loss and potential liability. Their policies and procedures should be OSHA compliant.

The cleaning agents that are used in the office or facility need to be clearly labeled and must match up with the appropriate Material Data Sheets. The MSDS need to be posted in a conspicuous area in the building that everyone is familiar with. You should ensure that the office building and floor cleaning service is compliant with all HIPPA regulations before allowing access to your facility for cleaning. These measures ensure you guarantee the privacy and safety of your patients, which is of paramount important in todays age of online and public information.


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