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Monday, 9 February 2015

Commercial Cleaning Services Company - What to Expect

With no time left to focus on cleaning, you may need to hire a commercial cleaning company to manage the cleaning requirements in your commercial facility.
What to expect
Once you have called in a commercial cleaning services company, you should expect a walk-through of your facility to identify which areas need to be cleaned, frequency of cleanings, the cleaning processes to be involved, as well as the cleaning agents to be used. A cleaning proposal will be submitted following your initial meeting for your review. 
  Regular carpet cleaning service
A commercial cleaner should be able to look at your carpet and determine if it needs to be cleaned every few months or once a year depending on foot traffic.
It is important to remember that the chosen carpet cleaning service should not use damaging cleaning procedures as these will void the warranty coverage from your carpet manufacturer.
Eco-friendly cleaning
In order for your office to have minimal negative impact on the environment, you should consider green cleaning services.
What you should expect from the green cleaning services is the use of non-toxic cleaning agents and advanced cleaning processes that will leave your facility safe to use. An example of this is the use of steam cleaning (don’t confuse this with carpets) which is a chemical free alternative to sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces.
Restroom cleaning
Dirty restrooms can leave a bad impression on your office staff and clients. Commercial janitorial services should provide a plan to clean all restroom surfaces as frequently as is needed.


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